The Sanga Outdoor Knife, from OLFA WORKS, an outdoor brand developed by OLFA Corporation (headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Okada Shinichi) , has won the 2021 Good Design Award sponsored by the Japan Design Promotion Organization, a public interest incorporated foundation.

The "Outdoor Knife Sanga" is an outdoor knife released in April 2021 by OLFA's outdoor brand " OLFA WORKS" . This product was developed with the idea of ​​creating a high-quality, made-in-Japan outdoor knife that fits Japanese hands and is perfect for use in the fields of Japan.

Comments from the judges of the 2021 Good Design Award

"This outdoor knife was developed by taking advantage of many years of expertise in making cutters. It features a grip designed to be easy to hold, suited to Japanese hands, and a clam-shaped blade tip that is durable and resistant to chipping. The design combines artisanal sharpening techniques with industrial methods in the right places, making it affordable and high quality, making it easy for even entry-level users to pick up. It was recognized for this.
(Source: 2021 Good Design Award winner page: )