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SANGA Bushcraft Knife, Sand

by Olfa Works

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Knife Length

  • 232mm / 9.13"

Knife Weight

  • Knife alone: 127g / 4.48oz
  • Knife & sheath: 164.5g / 5.80oz


  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Rust-resistant

Blade Thickness: 3.2mm / 0.126"


  • Width 21.9mm / 0.86"
  • Height 32.4mm / 1.27"

Handle Material

  • 3mm thich PP


  • Yes
  • Full-tang knife
  • Blade design focused on ease of use and versatility
  • Strong and durable grip
  • Spine of blade is angled so it can be used as a fire striking edge
  • Built-in belt clip on sheath
  • Crack-resistant sheath
  • Ergonomically designed

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Available Fall 2024

A full tang knife equipped with a 3.2mm thick high carbon stainless steel blade. In addition to cutting and scraping, batoning is also possible. The blades are carefully sharpened one by one by craftsmen and designed using OLFA's knowledge and experience, offering excellent sharpness, durability, and ease of use. Comes with sheath.


  • It is not a replaceable blade type. 
  • When removing the knife from the sheath, be careful not to touch the blade and pull it out slowly. 
  • The cutting edge (tip of the blade) is extremely sharp to make it easier to perform detailed work. Please refrain from doing any work that puts a lot of strain on the blade, such as piercing or prying it, as this may break the blade.

(OW-BCK-1/SB, #1172252)

Product Features & Benefits

Full tang structure with 3.2mm thick high carbon stainless steel blade

Not only can it be used for cutting and scraping, but the blade has a 3.2mm thick full tang structure, so it can also be used for batoning. Additionally, the blade is made of high carbon stainless steel, so it won't rust easily even when used in water or exposed to rain or night dew.

Strong and durable convex grind

The blades are carefully honed by craftsmen and have a convex cutting edge that not only cuts well, but also maintains its sharpness and is durable enough to resist chipping.

Fire starter can also be used

The back of the knife has a sharp corner, so you can create a spark by rubbing the fire starter against the back of the knife.

Blade design focused on ease of use and versatility

It doesn't have a wide blade width like a survival knife, but it has a moderately narrow blade width to make it easy to use for detailed work, and the cutting edge is extremely sharp. Combined with the full tang structure, it becomes a highly versatile blade.

  • Please refrain from operations that place a large burden on the tip of the blade, such as piercing or prying, as this may cause the blade to break.

OLFA WORKS ergonomic design

From an ergonomics perspective, the design pursues a shape that allows people to use it more naturally, effortlessly, and efficiently. The sharpness of the blade, as well as the ease of grip, are the hallmarks of OLFA, which has been making cutter knives for many years.

High strength and grip

The grip is a combination of polypropylene with a high content of glass fiber (30%) and elastomer, and has both high strength and grip, making it suitable for hard outdoor action.

Aluminum die-cast emblem

The aluminum die-cast emblem with the "OLFA WORKS" logo engraved on it has a stately finish.

Toughness that resists cracking

The sheath material is 3mm thick polypropylene. It is also strong against impact when dropped.

Belt clip with integrated sheath

The sheath has an integrated clip that can be attached to a belt, etc. There is a barb on the inside of the clip to prevent it from accidentally coming off.