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Outdoor Utility Knife, Olive

by Olfa Works

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Knife Length

  • Open: 286mm / 11.26"
  • Closed: 184.9mm / 7.28"

Knife Weight

  • 88g / 3.10 ounces


  • Alloy tool steel
  • Fine serrated edge
  • Retractable
  • Replaceable

Blade Thickness  0.5mm / 0.019"

Blade Length 100mm / 3.93" (82mm / 3.22" usable extended from the knife)


  • Length 184.9mm / 7.28"
  • Width 49.4mm / 1.94"

Handle Material

  • stainless-steel blade channel
  • acetone-resistant handle

Lock Style: Rachet-wheel lock

Lanyard Hole: Yes

Lanyard: Yes

  • Alloy Tool Steel blade
  • Fine serrated edge blade for smooth cuts even on slippery materials
  • Metal pick on knives end for a wide range of tasks
  • Rachet-Lock Wheel secures blade firmly at any blade position
  • Stainless steel blade channel with oil-resistant body

Click here for the warranty.

Available Fall 2024

Although the Outdoor Utility Knife may feel like a regular utility knife, the wave-shaped polishing allows it to grip even slippery materials (ropes, plastic bottles, etc.) and make smooth cuts. The rear of the main unit has a convenient metal pick that can be used for many purposes.

(OW-OUK-1/OD, #1176856)

Replacement Blade: #1176520, OWB-OKB-1/3B Outdoor Utility Knife Spare Blades, 3pk


BLADE CHANGE: Click here for directions on how to change your blade

WARNING: California Prop65 Warning 

Product Features & Benefits

Cuts even slippery materials with fine serrated edge blade

Equipped with a finely serrated edge blade. The blade firmly catches slippery materials such as ropes and plastic bottles, allowing for smooth cuts.

Convenient metal pick that can be used for a variety of purposes

The pick on the back of the main unit is useful for multiple purposes, such as opening cans and using it like a flathead screwdriver.

Ratchet-wheel lock

The blade can be firmly fixed with the screw.

Stainless steel blade channel with oil-resistant body

The durable stainless steel blade channel prevents the blade from wobbling and is encased in an oil-resistant body.

*If soaked in gasoline etc. for a long time, the main body may swell.

Comes with a versatile strap

There is a strap hole on the back of the main unit, and by passing the strap through and tying it, you can hang it on your hand to prevent it from falling, or you can hang it somewhere to prevent it from getting lost.

How to replace spare blades

Once the screws are removed, the blade can be removed from the front of the main unit, so replace it with a new blade.
*Compatible spare blade is OWB-OKB-1/3B
*Please be careful not to lose parts.