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Outdoor Utility Knife Spare Blade, 3pk

by Olfa Works

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Blade Thickness

  • 0.5mm / 0.019"

Blade Material

  • Alloy tool steel

Blade Style

  • Fine serrated edge
  • Fine serrated edge for smooth cuts (even on slipper materials)

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Available Fall 2024

Cuts even slippery materials with wave-polished blades
Equipped with a wave-polished blade. The blade firmly catches slippery materials such as ropes and plastic bottles, allowing for smooth cuts.


(OWB-OKB-1/3B, #1176520)

Works with: 

#1176856, OW-OUK-1/OD Outdoor Utility Knife, Olive

#1176852, OW-OUK-1/SB Outdoor Utility Knive, Sand



Product Features & Benefits

How to replace spare blades

Once the screws are removed, the blade can be removed from the back of the main unit, so replace it with a new blade.

Fine serrated edge

Fine serrated edge blade for smooth cuts even on slippery materials.