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Bushcraft Saw Spare Blade

by Olfa Works

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Blade Thickness

  • 0.5mm / 0.019"

Blade Material

  • Carbon tool steel blade

Blade Style

  • Japanese Pull Saw
  • Full-scale saw blade
  • Japanese Pull Saw - sharepened with 'upper grain' for smooth cutting

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Available Fall 2024

Professionally sharpened saw blade
A professionally sharpened saw blade with "upper grain" for smooth cutting. In addition, impulse hardening provides durability and toughness, ensuring the cutting edge stays sharp for a long time.

(OWB-BSB-1, #1172720)


Works with:

#1172276, OW-BCS-1/OD Bushcraft Saw, Olive

#1172272, OW BCS-1/SB Bushcraft Saw, Sand

Product Features & Benefits

Great for outdoors

It is useful for outdoor activities such as adjusting the size of firewood to match the fire pit and cutting long branches to make tarp poles. It is also useful as a saw for small DIY projects at home.